Music Mondays: Cecilia Della Peruti Of Gothic Tropic

We caught up with Gothic Tropics leading lady, Cecilia Della Peruti, on how she came up with the name Gothic Tropic, girl power advice for female artists, and her favorite places to hang out in LA! Be sure to check out Gothic Tropics set at the Valfré Holiday Pop Up Shop/ Art Show this Saturday night at Urban Outfitters Space 15 Twenty! 
How long have you been playing music and when did Gothic Tropic form?
My parents are both classical musicians so I started practicing piano at around 6 years old. I experimented with different instruments until I relied on piano and guitar for songwriting purposes. I ended up really feeling guitar, and started Gothic Tropic about 5 years ago when I was singing and playing keys or guitar for other artists. 
How did you come up with the name Gothic Tropic?
I've always loved everything from West African folk music to Bauhaus, so to reconcile, I decided I'd give myself a large roof to create under. I think I get to combine opposing influences with the name.
What music were you influenced you growing up? Who are you influenced by today?
One of the first records I listened to was something I randomly selected out of my mom's collection, which was Yes "Fragile". That, Bjork "Debut", Madonna "Ray Of Light", and The Beatles were on repeat. The last few years have been spent playing for some amazing songwriters and players, so I think their work has influenced me a little also.
Where are your favorite spots to hang out in LA?
The Resident in DTLA is a great hang spot and venue, Echo Park Lake, Huntington Gardens if I need a spiritual reset, and the couch.
What can we find you doing when you're not playing music?
I'm doing music most of the time haha. I love working and writing with other people. I'm either at one of 4 or 5 studios in a given week, working on whatever comes out. I really like having an outlet for some of the material I write that I wouldn't perform as Gothic Tropic. Non-music activities include going on hikes with my dog and my friends and their dogs. Dog dates are pretty much the best thing. Seeing my friends play shows or DJ, leaving enough time at the end of the night binge watch a good TV show!
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Any advice for female artists?
Band together and support each other! If you're collaborating, let each other's visions be uninterrupted, and give each other time and space to make art. Recognize opportunities to lift someone else up, even if you feel you're in need of lifting. Don't let anyone doubt your project. As long as you're doing exactly what you need to do, your art will be gifted that magic power that lets it be great.
What's next for you?
Putting out all the songs I've been working hard on, and touring a bunch! Many UK and Europe trips coming up in 2017, and the release of of the album "Fast or Feast" on May 19th