Music Mondays: Foster James & Girl Skin

Aside from being our New York muse, Foster James also makes killer music with her fiancé Girl Skin. We got the chance to pick their brains on fall style, their creative processes, and how they started making music. 

Photos by Kristin Gallegos of Foster James in The Clemen Dress


When did you start playing music and what inspired you to?
Foster: I started writing music when I moved home to my parents house really sick from an anxiety disorder. It was therapeutic and then evolved into something I knew I had to do as a career. 
Girl Skin: I started to play music when I moved to Shanghai at 16. I felt pretty alienated out there, there weren't many people who were into the same shit I was into so my guitar kind of became my friend. We hung out a lot.




What music inspired you growing up?

Foster James: Notorious B.I.G. when I was young. Then any strong female vocalists. Beyonce, obviously. 

Girl Skin: First it was The Wiggles, then it was The Sex Pistols.


Where are your favorite places to hang in New York?
Foster: My apartment honestly. My sister in law's bar, Pete's Candy Store. We never really go out, we've been kind of stuck in the studio, but when Kristin (Gallegos) DJs at Et Al. we try to make it. 
Girl Skin: Record stores. 
We love your style! What's a must have piece in your closet this Fall?
Foster: Thank you! The Valfre Acapulco pants, hands down. The mustard is my favorite, I can't wait until it's cold enough to pair it with a black turtle neck, leather jacket and booties.
Girl Skin: Cowboy. Anything cowboy. 
Do you have a song writing process?
Foster: Every song comes about differently, honestly. I've recently been into piano and will write lyrics depending on the chords I'm playing. I start simple with that structure, then every instrument I add on afterwards is meant to support the piano and vocals. 
Girl Skin: Lately it's been coming in pieces. I'll write a chorus first and then I'll be walking down the street or at a grocery store or something and randomly think of a verse. 
What's next for you?
Foster James: We're releasing a music video as a collaboration soon, and then both releasing our own individual EPs. It's not a typical release but our collaboration is strongly connected to our individual works, so we wanted to release that first.