Music Mondays: Kaya Stewart

We caught up with soulful synth pop queen, Kaya Stewart, on what it's like to grow up in a musical family, which musicians inspire her the most, and the first step in her song writing process. 

You come from a musical family, have you always known that you wanted to be a singer?

Yes! I first started singing and writing songs on the piano was I was around 6 or 7. There was always so much good music around the house it was almost impossible not to be inspired.

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How does it feel being in the music industry at a young age?

I was lucky enough to find my passion early on. It was pretty difficult leaving school so early and having to grow up a lot faster then the kids my age, but I wouldn’t change a thing. There’s so much incredible music coming out in 2018 and I am excited to be a part of it. I still have so much ahead of me.

Do you write your music and lyrics?

Yes! I always have. That’s definitely why I feel so passionate about my projects. I can’t imagine not writing my own stuff, I wouldn’t be able to connect to it.


Which comes first, the melody or the song?

Always the melody! Sometimes I’ll be in my car or even in the shower and something will pop into my head. I have probably a million voice memos.

Is this your first time around creating music, or have you had previous projects?

I started writing my first project when I was 13 and put out my first album at 15. As much as I love my past projects, I was so young. It’s kind of like looking back at old Facebook pictures and cringing. My new music really represents who I am now and what I’ve experienced.

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Which musicians inspire you the most?

My 3 biggest musical inspirations would have to be Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse. I’ve always gravitated towards soul and R&B music.

Who is your #1 style icon?

Gwen Stefani! I have so many but she has to be #1. I used to hang pictures of her in my closet for inspiration.

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When can we expect to hear more from you?

Soon! I have so much new music on the way that I can’t wait to share :)