Music Monday's: MACK

Spirited, funky, and totally soulful, MACK is our new music crush. We're obsessing over her latest debut video,  Underprivileged Pleasure, directed by Adrian Martinez and written by MACK herself. 
Read on to find out where she got her start, what albums she listened to growing up, advice she has for aspiring artists, and watch Underprivileged Pleasure
Describe your style in 3 words. 
funky-vintage-cowgirl (or cowboy depending on my mood)
Your voice is unreal! When did you start singing and when did you decide that music is the path you wanted to pursue? 
Thank you! Ive probably been singing longer than talking tho I didn't necessarily want to be a singer at a very young age, I simply loved entertaining people. When I was 15 I got my first guitar and once that became my performance outlet, people just kept telling me, "Yea, keep doing that"
What 3 albums did you listen to growing up? 
Welp, this is a fun one...I was into all sorts of sounds and artists growing up but if I really look back on what albums I had on repeat or dragged my mom to the store to buy me, oddly enough that would be System of a Down's "Toxicity", (I was singing about shooting up heroine in 3rd grade and had no idea.)  Avril Lavigne's "Let Go" and  My Chemical Romance's "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" 
Tell us about your new video "Underprivileged Pleasure." How did you come up with the concept? 
All I knew at first was that I wanted to make it fun and involve a bunch of friends. At some point flipping through David Bowie interviews on Youtube I stumbled upon old "Soul Train" reels and just knew immediately that was the vibe. The pure joy thats captured in those videos! I wanted to translate that to show a day in the life as experienced by me. Spreading love to those who surround me and showing my friends and family coloring my life (Mom has a very special cameo).
What are your 3 tour necessities? 
Im very new to the tour life but so far what's mattered most to me is a good place to sleep, positive vibes from my team and yelp (gotta get that primo local grub).
Do you have a creative process when writing music?
I'm still learning a lot about this but the way I make most of my music so far starts with a producer and a skeleton. The skeleton is the bones and foundation that birth the song we create together, experimenting with sounds and arrangement until I have something to write to. I like to write my lyrics and melodies with very little outside influence so I enjoy solitude for that part, then I come back to my producer with the meat for the bones. We doll it up with final production notes, more instruments, etc. and bango! There's a song !
What are your words of wisdom for aspiring artists?
Surround yourself with people who inspire you, motivate you, believe in you, love you and back you. Fall in love with your art and yourself. Remember your'e on a rock floating through infinite magic.
What's next for you?
More shows and traveling, release some new tunes, and get started on the next music video ;)