Music Mondays: Storm Calysta

Storm Calysta is a one stop shop when it comes to music and styling. Listen to the groovy playlist she made to get you in the mood for spring and read our interview with her below. 
Photos by  Monique Rodriquez
Describe your style in 3 words. 
Intergalactic, Glam-Rock, Princess
Who are your top style muses? Music muses?
I love the moon & the stars.
David Bowie & Stevie Nicks are divine as well. 
Is Storm Calysta your real name? If not how did you come up with it?
When I was placed on this Earth, I was granted the name Storm Calysta from the lords of our universe. 


What's a must have piece in your closet currently?
Anything your looking forward to this Spring/Summer?
Flowers will bloom & new life will be created, I'm looking forward to that. 
What's next for you?
Anything this dimension may have planned for me.