Music Mondays: Tanerélle

We can't get stop dancing to dreamy songstress, Tanerélle's, latest disco funk album 11:11. This babe isn't only insanely talented with her soulful velvety voice,  she also has killer style. We had the chance to pick her brain on the inspiration for her new single "Boys Like You", what 2018 has in store for her, and take some gorgeous shots of her. 

We love your style alongside your music, does your fashion sense have a lot to do with your music? 

Not really. As far as my style goes I wanted to cling to something that made me feel comfortable, beautiful and powerful in all walks of my life, whether in music, acting or just my day to day. 

Out of all forms of artistry where do you find your inspiration for your work?

Women, life. I don't know if it's odd or not but whenever I create a song I envision it in a film. I feel like that helps me paint clearer pictures when I'm writing. Sometimes I even watch films on silent with some jazz or classical music in the background and just write what it's making me feel.

So your new single "Boys Like You" drops this week. I got to hear it early and I love it! How did it come about? 

Thank you!! A friend of mine actually introduced me to Ghayath, one of the producers for the song, and we ended up talking music and hitting it off. He sent me some beats him and his music partner Juice had produced and I was immediately drawn in. When I first heard the beat, internally it made me feel tragic and desperate. I wanted to delve into that feeling more because it's a mode we all check into from time to time but avoid talking about. I decided that the desperation in the song would stem from unrequited love because I knew I'd have a lot more fun drawing that world up. 

I got a chance to listen to some of your music (amazing by the way) A lot of it seems to circle around the topic of feminism, self love and the idea that men who don't want all of you should not be entertained, "Boys Like You" is the exact opposite of all of that. Why?

I feel like the anthems of power and glory that I write are really important because they inspire and elevate, but I also feel like the stories of not so glorious moments deserve to be told as well because that's being human. Everyone's had times when they've become hooked on someone they knew they shouldn't have. Somewhere out there someone's going through that very thing right now. Through all forms of art you want to feel like someone's telling your story, that there's someone who can relate to you. That's why I decided to write it, to shed light on the perspective of someone who feels trapped in lust and love for a person whose emotionally unavailable and is willing to take them however they can get them. 

What're your goals for the single? 

I honestly just hope there's someone out there that'll vibe to it and be like "damn, I've been there" or "damn, that's me" OR "damn, that's a place I never want to get to." Either way it's someone acknowledging that I've hit the nail on the head while painting my take on unrequited love which would go to show that we're more connected than we think. 

You currently have an EP and now two singles out. Any plans on releasing an album anytime soon? 

I've been brainstorming some ideas like crazy for my debut album but honestly there probably won't be an album until the end of next year. 

Are there any other big plans or ideas for 2018 that you’d like to share? 

I do have another single coming out next year titled "In Women We Trust" produced by Ky Almighty. Other than that I'm crossing my fingers that I get to tour and release some visuals for everyone finally. 

Listen to her album 11:11 here: