Music Mondays: Tayla Parx

We caught up with 23 year old singer, songwriter, and three time grammy nominated Taylor Parks, AKA Tayla Parx. She's written and produced songs for acts like Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande, The Internet, and Nicki Minaj; and we can't get enough of her latest solo album, TaylaMade, featuring tracks with Khalid and Syd. 

Read on to find out what inspired TaylaMade, her songwriting process, and where she finds style inspiration (because we're obsessed with this babe!) 


Describe yourself in 3 words. 
Colorful, curious, creative

You started off as a songwriter. Who have you worked and do you have a process? 
I've worked with so many different artists who fall into different genres. From Prince Royce to Leanne Rimes, Fifth harmonyNicki Minaj, and the Internet. My process is always the same no matter which artist. We start off with a simple questions. "What you been up to? Who do you love? Who do you hate? Why?" I like to really get into the heads of these artists and project what their genuine feelings are.

Do you prefer writing songs for yourself or others? Is there a difference in the process? 
I love them both equally before they satisfy different parts of me creatively. I'm more free when I write for myself, I hardly think twice. For others, I have to think "is this what they were trying to say, and does this align with their image?" ... plus, there are lots of songs I write that I love, that just aren't me. 

What were the top 3 albums you listened to growing up? 
Brian Mcknight "Back at One" 
Brandy "Full Moon"
Xtina "Back to Basics"


Was there a common theme or anything in particular that inspired the tracks on your latest album Tayla Made?
Love is the theme of the TaylaMade mixtape. Love can present itself in so many different ways and I was able to touch on my journey so far. If you listen from track 1 you'll notice its starts off with a breakup and I end up going through a cycle of "doing me" [...] then the all too familiar scenario of my ex returning to my life and having to deal with that. We've all been there! 

What's your favorite track off the album and what was the writing process behind this track?  
My favorite track on TaylaMade changes according to my mood. Right now the mood is "Mama Ain't Raise No Bitch." I wrote this one with my girl Ali Tamposi! She's like a sister to be and an incredible writer so she knows me well enough to know what's believable for me as an artist. We wrote and recorded this in her house one day while hanging out having boy talk.


We adore your style! Where do you find style inspiration? 
Thank you! [laughs] Inspiration for my style definitely mirrors my music. Anybody, anywhere could end of inspiring the look of the day. I also pull a lot from Japanese artists/stylists ! I love defying gender lines and kind of doing whatever my mood allows whether it's baggy jeans or a skirt! I'll always have hints of both the feminine and masculine sides of me in everything I wear. 

Any advice for aspiring artists or musicians? 
The most important advice I could give to new artists is do you! That's what's going to make you stick out from everybody else who's trying to do the same occupation. Can't do you to the highest capability if you're always looking to your left and right.

What's next for you? 
I'm super excited to start performing the mixtape while I work on my debut album! Between artists dropping my songs this year (Demi LovatoJanelle Monae, Xtina, Fifth Harmony), my own music, acting, and merch you'll be seeing a lot of #Taylamade for a minute ! 


Listen to Tayla's latest album, TaylaMade, here: