Music Premiere: Girl Skin and Foster James “Lovemore”

All couples develop funny little ways to express their affection for each other but few take it as far as musicians Foster James and Sid Simons, the singer/songwriter from Brooklyn band, Girl Skin.

Watch the video "Where Did The Truth Go" below and read on to find out more about their music! Listen more here
How did you two meet and how did you decide to create music together?
Foster:  Sid had been following my instagram actually for 3 years before we met, I had no idea. I noticed when he commented on a video I had posted after Trump was elected, where he defended me against a Trump supporter. I wanted to work with him when I heard his music, but I didn't plan on falling in love...which we did, when we met at a mutual friend's show. Making music together came really naturally for us.
What was the song writing process behind the single "Where Did The Truth Go"?
Sid One of those songs that i don't even remember writing, we just kind of ended up with the song, those usually turn out the best. 
Foster:   Sid wrote it during serious cabin fever from a long winter in Brooklyn. We hadn't left our apartment in like a week. We record everything in our bedroom, so the rain in the beginning is from sticking a mic outside of our window for example haha. I've never stuck with a song for so long...each time we thought it was done, we would find another layer to add. When I hear "Truth", I see us working on it in our room while falling in love.
What is the inspiration behind the music video and how did you come up with the concept?
FosterI shot with Andy Deluca, and we were blown away by his work. He became a good friend of ours... so in our eyes, no one else would have been a better fit for this video. Andy suggested using silhouettes and overlays, but other than that we made most decisions the day of shooting. We shot on the hottest day of a heat wave; I love Andy for sticking that out and pushing through to get the footage we did. I don't want to explain the video too much; I think it should be open to interpretation, and it means something different even to Sid and I.
Sid: Yea it felt super organic when we were shooting, we all knew what we wanted. I think the video is a great representation of what the song means to us.
Whats next for Girl Skin and Foster James?
Foster: We've got our collaborative EP LOVEMORE releasing May 18th, and we're both working on solo albums to release next!
SidWe've both been recording tons, so more to come very soon.