Must See Stoner Films

Whether it be sharing a bowl, rolling a joint, or getting the munchies, Hollywood has hilariously captured our favorite stoner moments in these out of world films. Grab the gang and binge watch these 4/20 favorites!

1. Wayne’s World

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are goofy best friends trying to promote a public access show. These adorkable and nutty characters first originated from an old SNL skit that has since cultivated a generation of unique exclamations and inside jokes. Shwing! Join an adventure of silly shenanigans and rock music with these kooky dorks.

2. The Big Lebowski

It’s a case of mistaken identity when Jeff Bridges a.k.a. The Dude is a victim of ruined decor when he seeks revenge for a destroyed rug. Loyal bowling buddies help their friend in this rollercoaster cult classic of theft, abstract art, and random dance numbers. Witness the unexpected twists and turns in this (entertaining) cautionary tale.

3. Dude Where’s My Car

After a night of partying, Jesse and Chester retrace their footsteps in hope of finding their missing car thus eventually stopping the end of the world. Forgetful dude bros and their angry girlfriends supply an unforgettable adventure that Ashton Kutcher stans will treasure forever. Relieve the early 2000s with matching tracksuits and bro humor with this funny addition!

4. Pineapple Express

After accidentally witnessing a murder and fleeing the scene, Dale goes into hiding along with his drug dealer/best friend before taking matters into their own hands. Seth Rogen and James Franco shine as clueless stoners escaping death. This stoner film is peaked comedy gold with unstoppable action and laughs even your grandma will love.

Article by Candy Mendoza