Must Watch Halloween Cult Classic Movies

It’s officially the best month of the year, giving us all the more reason to binge watch our favorite Halloween classics.  From 90s Disney Channel favorites, to the most loved friendly ghost, to the best of Tim Burton, we curated a list for you babes of must watch Halloween movies.


Hocus Pocus


Our favorite witches, the Sanderson sisters, are back from the dead and ready to “suck the lives out of little children.”  With all the Halloween essentials, talking cats, zombies, and major costume inspo, what’s not to love about Hocus Pocus?



Arguably the most classic Halloween horror film of all time, this movie never gets old.  Let’s face it, Michael Myers is the ultimate Halloween killer.  I mean come on, this monster even has his own chilling soundtrack.  Projecting our own fears and anxieties onto the blank slate of Myer’s white mask, this film has us sleeping with one eye open, especially on Halloween night. 



We all remember the first time we saw Beetlejuice.  How can we not?  Dressed in a soiled umpire’s uniform, Beetlejuice is a scum-covered bug-eating manipulative ghoul we just can’t resist.  And we can’t forget Lydia Deetz, the ultimate goth queen with the most iconic outfits in film history.  Beetlejuice is one to put on replay.



Following her grandma back to a super natural world, Marnie finds out her true identity, a witch.  With skeleton cab drivers, flying brooms, and a magic crystal ball, zombie salesmen, and major grandma goals, Halloweentown is obviously in our top 10.  

The Addams Family Movie


With total sass and morbid humor, The Addams Family Movie is an all time favorite.  The creepy, kooky, grim, and loving family is hilarious in this film.  Gomez and Morticia are the epitome of love and lust and Wednesday’s one liners make her televisions weirdest and most loved pre-teens of all time.  We’re obsessed over this iconic family.

The Nightmare Before Christmas


We can write a book about how much we love this film.  But we’ll try to get our point across with 5 major points.  First, the music!  It’s totally genius.  Second, the opening scene.  It’s eerie and captures the audience’s attention right away.  Third, you can watch it on Halloween OR Christmas.  Fourthly, Jack Skeleton is a Beetlejuice-esque icon.  And lastly, it never gets old.  Talk about a must watch. 

Double, Double, Toil And Trouble


Hands down an Olsen twins favorite.  With helium trickery, witches gatherings, sisterly love, iconic outfits, grave diggers and more this movie is a childhood fave.  

Casper Meets Wendy 


Based on the Harvey Comics cartoon characters, this is probably the most innocent movie on our list, and we love it.  Hilary Duff plays a major witch cutie that becomes bff’s with Casper.  This ones a real feel good childhood movie.

Edward Scissorhands


Edward Scissorhands is a perfect Tim Burton classic and here’s why.  A film with both Johnny Depp AND Winona Ryder, how can you go wrong?  And the pastel surreality of suburbia throughout the film is so dreamy and has us obsessed.  Not to mention Peg Boggs being everyone’s dream mom.  And lastly, the haircuts that are usually only seen in Doctor Seuss books.  This film is hands down AMAZING on so many levels.

Under Wraps


You know we needed to put a good mummy movie on our list and this one is a childhood favorite!  Heres’ a little refresher.  Three twelve-year olds encounter a 3,0000 year old mummy and are determined to get him back to his tomb before midnight on Halloween or else he will turn into dust and lose his chance of being reunited with the love of his life.  You can’t go wrong with a 90’s Disney movie.