Nifty Gateway "I Love Lucy" Sold Out!

Thank you all for your support on my first NFT project “I Love Lucy” with Nify Gateway! I’m very proud to say that it was a success and sold out in less than an hour! 

It appears that we've entered into a new era and like many of you, I didn't get this whole NFT  / Metaverse thing at first. However, the more I learned, the more excited I got about the endless possibilities that this new technology is providing for artists and creators. 

As a digital artist, there wasn’t really a way for me to offer ownership of my actual artwork until now and the great thing about NFTs is they can act as a certificate of authenticity which easily proves ownership. 

Web3 will allow me to expand the world of Valfré in a more meaningful way and owning a Valfré NFT will act as a Membership token. These tokens will grant you access to exclusive content, experiences, limited edition drops, and will help us fund animation projects and art installations. We’re also working on an extensive offering of physical collectibles that I can’t wait to show you!

NFTs are without a doubt, the future.

We chose to work with Nifty Gateway because they’re now batch processing their collections instead of individually minting each NFT. This new process significantly reduces any carbon emissions produced. To back that up, we teamed up with Offsetra to plant enough trees to make our campaign Carbon Negative. If you'd like to learn more on the topic, please visit our blog where we’ve posted a few articles. 

Congrats to our initial collectors who secured a 1st Edition NFT, it’s been amazing to see how quickly things escalated on the secondary market!

Future drops will be announced soon.