Off The Grid: The Not So Typical Guide To Las Vegas

We have an idea if you’re in need of a quick road trip... Vegas, Baby! We put together the perfect guide for a not so typical Vegas adventure, coming straight from a native! Here are a few local secrets you need to check out, because let’s face it, the touristy spots can be such a bummer.

Meal Plan: 

Breakfast, Please! Craft Kitchen: "Feed people the way you want to be fed.” is the motto at Craft Kitchen and let’s just say they stay true to what they live by. For a dreamy place to eat with well curated menu, Craft Kitchen is the perfect spot to take enjoy your breakfast (and take a rad photo doing it.) 

Do You Even Lunch? For an edgy cocktail to go with a yummy lunch you have to check out Glutton! Also located downtown, you can find this urban lunch spot across from the Eat Cafe (also worth mentioning). This restaurant uses locally grown produce and highest quality ingredients. Your tastebuds will thank us later!

Dinner for? If you’re feeling some good Thai food, Le Thai is your place. The seasonings used and unique flavor will leave you amazed. Locals are known for going to this spot for a cool dinner, and even better to walk down Fremont St, right after since that’s where it is located!

Cocktail Hour:

The Griffin- The If you want to come to a rad bar with fireplaces and dim lighting, the perfect spot has been found. It is located in downtown on Fremont St. and has this Hogwarts type feel except there’s a back room that DJs play in for all the dancing queens out there. 

The Park- is a vintage bar across the street from The Griffin and has quite different feel on the inside. As you walk in you see this chic little bar top, with vintage wallpaper and well curated decoration but as you keep walking you finally see the backyard outside, set up with dainty, eclectic patio furniture to sit and talk as you sip your dreamy drinks but don’t forget to ride the teeter totter back there as well.

Beauty Bar- For a casual retro vibes to have fun to, Beauty Bar is a must! With two stages, one located inside and one located outside, dancing is just something you won’t be able to avoid there. Grab your girls and head to the beauty bar, a locals favorite.

Record Shops: 

Zia Records: located in Vegas is one of the most popular shops to pick up some awesome music! The shop is also known for trading items including vinyls, CDs, posters and more in order to add to your music collection.

Emergency Arts: is located downtown on Fremont St. and inside is a little coffee spot called The Beat. Although they do serve coffee and snacks that is not all they offer! Inside they offer crazy amount of vintage vinyls and poster for sale as low as 3 bucks. With an awesome open space to roam around in while having a drink! Emergency art also houses studios that are rented out to artist, wander through the halls for inspiration! But make sure to hit this spot soon because the are closing up shop and haven’t released where they will be next!


Container Park: is a place that was created to start a movement of cleaning up downtown, its an outside shopping mall solely for local brands including food and boutiques! Walk around stores made by actual moving containers for a real badass shopping experience!

Fashion Show Mall: If you want to get straight to the point of shopping and buy souvenirs than Fashion Show Mall it is. The Fashion Show Mall is pretty awesome because they actually have fashion shows there, although they are not high fashion types of shows it’s still cool to watch! When the mall has these fashion shows it gives you a glimpse on what the store there have to offer and it’s very exciting to watch!

Downtown Summerlin: A locals new attraction, also an outside mall but still very cool to walk around in! This mall is a little bigger and looks like a little town inside, it’s like no regular promenade yet you get to wander the streets while looking at shops! Did I mention all the amazing food they have there?


Grouchy John's Coffee: Down for a good cup of coffee? Not only does this place have a coffee spot but they have a coffee truck too! Their motto is “caffeinated happiness” and they are called Grouchy John’s Coffee. Love making people happy but call themselves “grouchy”? A little interesting but nonetheless still amazing!

Bad Owl Coffee: This might be a weird question but do you like Harry Potter? If you thought yes then you have to check this place out, It’s called Bad Owl Coffee and this place is dedicated to giving you the Harry Potter experience plus a good coffee high. This place is something you’ll have to experience, “I solemnly swear.”

The Beat: Remember when I mentioned The Beat? Well I’m mentioning them again because the coffee really is to die for. This spot is so cool to hang out in.. think about it.. You’re downtown, in a coffee shop, listening to music, locally made teas and brews, in an art warehouse. I mean it doesn’t get cooler than that, and most importantly the staff will be some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet!