The Other Border Issue And How PFEA Is Solving It

Overpopulation in Tijuana has led to the city reaching its capacity in wastewater treatment, resulting in massive undocumented sewage spills into our ocean water. These spills are not only dangerous and destructive to the Baja area, but to the entire pacific ocean and waters globally. 

Proyecto Fronterizo de Educación Ambiental (PFEA) is a Mexican environmental organization dedicated to promoting sustainability and protecting coastal ecosystems. 

PFEA monitors the quality of our highly polluted waters and provides weekly tests to the local government to help influence environmental policy-making, and ensure that our water is kept clean.  

PFEAs mission is to also raise awareness to the public about our coastal issues and encourages the local community to participate in beach cleanups.  

Since 1991 they have removed 505,519 pounds of solid waste from our beaches by encouraging over 50,000 volunteers to participate in beach cleanups and run over 764 monitoring tests. 

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