Rad Podcast for Badass Babes!

Podcast are only getting bigger and with so many coming to the light we want to make sure you give these ones a listen for sure! 


The Messy Heads 

A group of babes living each day as an adventure, touch up on topics that get brought up everyday, whether its our conception of beauty or being an activist for something we believe in. This podcast can be found on Soundcloud and will be refreshing and empowering to you!

2 Dope Queens

Two BFFS in Brooklyn having a podcast that covers romance to sex, race to just getting by in Brooklyn. They are real, funny and definitely worth a listen.

Another Round 

This podcast is hosted by two ladies that give their opinions from what's going on in our society to latest culture news, just two chicks doing their thing and we are loving the style they bring to it.


A podcast for the financially challenged talks about how to tackle spending by using day to day examples that we can overcome especially in our day and age living socially is becoming more more expensive and this podcasts definitely gives you a grip on reality.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

This podcast is a must listen solely for those who are interested to listen through women's perspective with two leading ladies who "decode" topics relevant today for women and men.

The Lady Gang

Three well-known women, shedding some light on what life really is like for all the popular ladies in California. It's just a little peak of what topics go on during their weekly bottomless mimosa brunches they tend to have.

Dear Sugar

For the "lost, lonely and heartsick" this podcast will feed your soul if you are going through some type of hardship giving back lots of empathy in return, we definitely <3 this one! 

Love + Radio

From the "seedy to the sublime", Nic van der Kolk covers interviews with all kinds of topics he brushes on. Although the show is quite eclectic and is a must if you are done to listen to something interesting and different!



Rookie Podcasts are just starting!, they started in the beginning of the month of April and already have guest like Lorde on there! Hosted by the amazing Tavi Gevinson the creator of Rookie magazine, hear what is on her mind and what is sparking her interest lately, you won't be disappointed.

The Love Bomb

Nico Tortorella not only brushes up on relationship but goes deep on they labels that come with it and digs into details that we tend to brush off or ignore! Not only is he insightful but pretty handsome too!

Women of the Hour with Lena Dunham

If we aren't already sad enough the Girls is done for good than at least we can say we can still look forward to getting some Lena in our lives! Join the funny writer/actress as she does interviews with interesting women in all fields and hear her point of view on topics brought up ranging from friendships, to work places, to self appreciating and much more.


Oh Boy By Manrepellar

A podcasts solely dedicated to interview and hearing from women in the arts and that is all, filmmaker Jay Buim is interested in. Buim gets down to learning about these interesting ladies life and how they got to where they are and if you are wanting some insight on what it takes!