#StrongerWomenStrongerNations: Women For Women International

In honor of our Smash The Patriarchy drop we are proud to announce we will be donating 10% of the proceeds to the Women For Women International Organization

Since 1993, they have been transforming the lives of women in 8 different countries. Working with some of the most marginalized women in the world, Women for Women provides steps to a better life.

Women receive life training and are taught about their rights. They also receive job training that is paid, eventually increasing the value of their work and allowing them to have more confidence than before. Women for Women is all about empowerment, strength, resiliency, and most importantly, change.

Now is the time to help any way we can. In 2020, women in these countries are still facing unthinkable hardships in all aspects of their lives.

"The spectrum of violence women face is wide as their own opportunities narrow. Unsafe conditions make it difficult for women and grill to pursue educational opportunities."

We can help. Find out ways to support Women For Women International here.