Valentines Day Horoscope According To Your Sign

Spontaneity rules this Valentine’s Aries! You’re a hot and heady sign but this year lights you up with even more firepower than usual. It’s a good time to connect with friends or those around you, however be forgiving if you’re keen on alone time, too. Your ambitious streak might have you reflective, so take it easy Ram!  

Taurus needs no excuse to indulge in a romantic supper for two, however you might like to open up the invite to friends this year. Connect with your inner circle; whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re in the midst of some major shifts. Talking it out in a group setting could help you get some much-needed perspective.

Relationships are getting serious, Gemini, yet that needn’t put the brakes on you bright spark! You’re making money moves, and any person looking to make up half of your dynamic duo better show they’re fully on board “team Twinstar”. It’s an exciting time among friends and lovers, and you’re the star of the show today!

There’s a fine balance between seeming independent and going your own way, Cancer, and knowing how to expertly manage relationships on your own terms. It’s a good day to evaluate who you trust, and consider whose company you seek, too. There’s plenty of people to enjoy, yet your number one choice might simply be you!

Try to go with the flow, and use your intuition this Valentine’s Day, Leo. Life might be presenting you with an intensity that makes it hard keeping it easy breezy, however it’s a sociable day that favors your personal relationships – so enjoy! You’re in an awesome cycle for love, if you can navigate your busy schedule…

An exciting Valentine’s Day lies ahead for Virgo, who’s currently getting super serious about what (and who) they love! Expect breakthroughs around commitments and personal responsibility, with realizations about what pleasure – and fun – really looks like. Talk it out with friends or your lover, making sense of any hard questions.

It’s a super significant Valentine’s Day for Libra, putting the finishing touches on changes to your relationship status, which has endured major shakeups this past few years! Expect more shifts around home and family, or your sense of stability ahead, which will make it easier to feel settled. But today, enjoy the spice of life!

Your private life and sense of connection is strong during Valentine’s Day, Scorpio, and you could be compelled to express how seriously you’re taking a particular relationship. It’s an ideal time to consider the formalities of your closest ties, however you might yet evolve and transform your outlook. Excitement lies just around the corner!

Of all the star signs, you have the most to learn from collaborations this year Sagittarius. Despite the emphasis on your position, personal interests and current ventures, consider how special persons can enhance your efforts and sense of security. You’re highly receptive this Valentine’s Day, remind yourself to invest in others.

Busy bee Capricorn, stop and smell the Valentine’s roses! And stop to buy a sweet, sentimental card while you’re at it… You may be dealing with domestic or emotional upheavals, with excitement in your home zone now, however you’ll increase your luck and love when you team up! Make time for others, tell them you care.

It’s an electric day among friends, Aquarius, and action in the stars makes it likely you’ll be restless and ready to charge! Be sure you’ve completed all you need to do, then be at liberty to thoroughly enjoy yourself. Though there’s plenty going on in your private life stay busy, relishing a sense of fun on the day of love…

Recoup from any work related stress and take it easy this Valentine’s Day, Pisces. You’re one of the true romantics of the Zodiac and there’s no better time than now to indulge in your own sense of joy and pleasure, even if the crowd is calling. Take time for you, and your personal interests in your sanctuary…

Horoscope by Kimberly Pete Dewhirt of Star Sign Style