Valfre Book Club: January

For many of us, reading is a New Year's resolution, one we're intending to keep. Even if that's not the case, now seems to be the time to stay indoors with a blanket and book to escape the winter (yes, it's still here even though the holidays are over).

Here are some of our favorite reading materials to snuggle up with this month. 

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

If the name Rupi Kaur or the title Milk and Honey isn't ringing any bells, there's still a very high chance you've heard of Kaur or read an excerpt of Milk and Honey. Kaur's poetry, both written and visual, has been plastered across Tumblr dashboards and Instagram feeds for years now.

In Milk and Honey, Kaur explores themes of abuse, femininity, love – from others and self-love – and heartbreak. Each page has the remarkable ability to capture a universal female experience in heartbreaking and heartwarming ways within a singular sentence. 

With words being used so powerfully, there's no wondering as to why Rupi Kaur's debut spent 25 weeks on the New York Times best seller's list. We can't wait for her sophomore book, set to release later this year.  

Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk

Sometimes you just need to return to a classic. While Palahniuk's Invisible Monsters isn't raked amongst the Mark Twain's and Edgar Allan Poe's, it certainly is an American classic in our hearts.

The novel tells the story of former fashion model Shannon McFarland, who becomes disfigured after taking a gunshot to the face. After her injury, Shannon goes on an adventure with her ex-boyfriend and her new best friend, a transgender woman named Brandy Alexander. The trio cruise along the West Coast, pretending to view expensive real estate and stealing drugs from open houses. The tale is told in true Palahniuk fashion (Fight Club, Choke) – out of order and sporadic, not showing the full picture until the last chapter. 

Invisible Monsters was set to join other film-adapted Palahniuk books, but it seems like production was dropped. Until it's picked up again we'll be re-reading over and over again.

The New Garconne by Navaz Batliwalla

The Power Pantsuit was the trend of Fall 2016, one we hope sticks around for the next year. Our favorite coffee table book of the month is all about the way today's women are dressing – by blurring the lines of femininity and masculinity. 

The book features gorgeous photographs to flip through on mornings when you have no idea what to put on, interviews with some of fashion's favorite women who celebrate androgyny, a briefing on the history of gender-bending fashion, and the essence of 'gentlewomen' style.