Tribute: Icons Who Have Passed In 2016

If 2016 wasn’t classified as the most eventful year thus far then we’d have to say it was one of the most greedy years, taking some of the greatest icons to ever walk this earth. In remembrance for all those who have fallen with grace we want to recognize some of our favorites! Rest in peace to these inspiring idols, you all have left a mark on this world and we will remember you till the end of time.

David Bowie (died January 11, 2016) Singer and Actor


Prince ( died April 21, 2016) Singer and Actor

George Michael (died December 25, 2016) Singer

Leonard Cohen (died November 7, 2016) Musician

Carrie Fisher (died December 27, 2016) Actress

Gene Wilder (died August 29, 2016) Actor

Juan Gabriel (died August 28, 2016) Singer

Phife Dog (died March 22, 2016) Member of A Tribe Called Quest


Muhammad Ali (died June 3, 2016) Boxer

Zsa Zsa Gabor (died December 18, 2016) Actress

Florence Henderson (died November 24, 2016) Actress


Dylan Rieder (died October 12, 2016) Pro Skateboarder


Franca Sozzani (died December 22, 2016) Editor-in-chief for Vogue Italia