What's In The Stars: 2017 Horoscopes

The first rule of 2016: Never talk about 2016. Lets just say we're all just happy to be able to say goodbye to the past and hello to a sparkling future. The year has a lot in store for every one of you angels. Here are new ideas to try this coming year. Happy New Year!



Transitioning from doing absolutely nothing during the holiday break, to getting back in the routine of things can be extremely rough. There is a massive amount of unjustified laziness, although we know that is not the usual Aries. To help you jump back in and start flourishing through the intro of 2017, start preparing some yummy meals at home. Instead of the usual lunch out, ditch the corner taco place and replace it with a hearty meal made with love at home. A healthy diet will help your energy rise, neglect the lazy exterior, and allow you to indulge in the result of healthy eating (i.e. glowy skin!).


The stars are aligned for you this month. This will bring in plenty of fresh ideas and creativity. Start a small art project with your friends, or take on a venture you have been contemplating the past year. It is perfect timing to start something new, your success rate is high, take advantage. Also, don’t be afraid of transformation. Sometimes plans don't go exactly as planned, roll with what comes your way, and if change occurs, embrace it!


Your love spectrum was a bit messy last year. Which is completely okay, because honestly that was like ninety five percent of us. Instead of focusing on the “what could have been” and the “what if,” just say f it all! Make this year all about you, do whatever you want. Be absolutely fearless, and I know it can be almost unimaginable for Gemini’s to be fearless, because of the constant over analyzing. Start the year with daily mindful meditation. This will help ease some of the anxiety you constantly carry on your back. The occasional kush also helps.


Cancer kitty cats! It’s time for a change in environment, literally. If you have never seen snow, now is the perfect time to go. Little did you know snow is easily accessible to us in California. You can also always visit your nearest shaved iced place. Just kidding, but seriously Big Bear is only about two hours away! You can for sure make a day trip out of it. That way you can have fun in the snow, and if you get wet you can easily change into dry clothes and drive back in the warmth of the car heater.


Leo babes, we’re in on your secret and know that you haven’t finished that book you said you would finish last year. Take the free time you have as we enter this new year and use it to finish that book. Once you finish it, I promise you will feel proud of yourself and grow an affinity for reading. Get yourself another book, but this time around, plan to get some pages in daily.


You know when it feels like you’ve been listening to the same music over and over again, so you just end up bored with everything? Make it a goal to discover new music this year! I promise you, you’ll end up with an influx of new songs to dance along to in your room. An easy way to discover new music is by going on pandora and starting a station with your favorite artist at the moment. For spotify users, look at “related artists” under your favorite artist music page and you’ll find a list of artists that you will fall in love with. Spotify also hooks you up with a weekly playlist with music that they recommend and cater specifically to you, and most of the time it’s quite compelling. 


One of your top priorities has recently switched over to your career. You are at a pivotal time of your life and you see the importance of finding a job that you love. Your last job wasn’t all that satisfying to you. This time around, don't settle for less. You have so much to offer, present that to anyone and you will knock the ball out of the park. Be confident in all of your work, your genuine optimism will illuminate any room.   


This is the perfect time for a road trip! It isn’t too hot in most places in California so you don’t have to worry about dehydrating. You can focus more on your scenery and destinations. Find some museums you have been wanting to visit, and some landmarks near you that you haven’t seen yet. There is so much left to discover and a road trip is just the beginning of it. You’ll find the inspiration you need to start the year off magically.


Sagittarius babies, try something new this year! Step out of your comfort zone and do something exciting with your makeup or wardrobe. You’ll realize how much fun it is playing around with makeup and clothes, and it is such a great way to get creative!


This year is bringing a lot of change to your life. Do not be afraid, it is all positive change if you view it that way. Inevitably, change can be a bit scary and intimidating especially if you have been in routine for such a while. Think of this, how lame would it be if your life stayed exactly the same for the rest of eternity? Yeah, I don’t know what I would do with myself either. So it’s okay to go through change, whether the effects are sometimes good or bad, we all make it out okay. As long as you  stay true to yourself throughout, everything will remain sparkly.


It is time to go on a self-love trip. Dedicate the beginning of this year to yourself. Two words, treat yourself. Not just materialistically, but shower yourself with love. Dedicate time to improving your emotional and physical health, and well-being. This can be done through a various amount of things, as long as it makes you feel healthy, relaxed, and ready to take on the world.


Pisces babes are natural creatives. Take the motivation you have right now and use it all up to create something magically powerful. You are more than capable of creating something like this for yourself. You will feel empowered being able to start the year off in such an influential way. Use your voice and opinion to help guide you, there is a crowd of people whom share affinity for you and your work.