What's In The Stars: Gift Ideas For Each Zodiac Sign

Wondering what to get your fellow babes this holiday season? For this month’s round of horoscopes we have carefully handpicked gift ideas for each zodiac sign on your list. Happy holidays angels!




Aries are determined and extremely enthusiastic towards completing goals they have set up for themselves. When it comes to pursuing what they are passionate about, they are stubborn af. Say bye to any distractions taking away time from their busy schedule. Along with their busy schedule, Aries babe love being in comfortable clothes constantly. So it’s a no brainer that the stubborn af sweatshirt fits them immaculately.




The hopeless romantic of the bunch, Taurus. They tend to find romance in any form, from music to gardening. Wrap up their romantic aura with the ultimate romantic dress, the winona dress. One of their favorite art outlets is music. Wherever and whenever, Taurus kitties will most likely be listening to some tunes. Compose a love u not mixtape to go along with love u not mixtape case. They’ll be screaming olive you forever.  



The Gemini babe is a lover of all things films and books. Iconically, gifting them the end jacket for that ultimate, feels just right, moment at the end of any film or book. Gemini’s tend to enjoy most of their time alone, constantly seeking new muse’s and ideas. Forming well-curated ideas through their affinity for the kush case. 



We love Cancer gals. They love relaxing anywhere near or in water, also known as mermaids. So of course our dreamy mermaids need their handy shell phone. This mermaid is also full of hobbies, endlessly looking for something to do with their hands. The peace out tote bag is perfect for lugging around things they may need too.



Our Leo babe loves the holiday season! Going along with her passionate and warm-hearted personality, the blue dress is perfect for this gal. Giving her the perfect sweetness and edge. On the opposite spectrum, Leo’s hate being ignored and not being treated like a queen, so the poison case might come in handy for these kitty cats.



Our Virgo’s are major book worms, and love dreaming about alternate realities. If there was a direct translation of their thoughts as a t-shirt it would be the in your dreams baby tee. Virgo’s are lovers of all animals, seeking the dreamiest companion. You will never see the Virgo babe without her sidekick Bruno.



This past month might has been stressful for your fellow libra babes and we know just the way to cheer them up! This December will get your libra friend back on track so they will need our new Chill Pill Portable Charger for all the social energy they will be giving off this month and don’t forget to pair it with our matching Chill Pill Phone Case. In all, these two rad gifts will be a little reminder for them to just chill out this month because everything will fall into place!



There is no doubt that any Scorpio we know is a force to be reckoned with, so let’s just say they will need the right attire when they kick some ass this upcoming month! We see them rocking the Leo Bomber Jacket during the day and slaying us in the night with our edgy Posh Dress. Let our Scorpio girl know we have her back this holiday season!



Since this is their birthday month, and it is all about them for the next couple weeks, get them some pieces that they can keep forever! The Au Revoir Jacket is perfect for the kind of Sagittarius that stays true to her zodiac sign, loving the adventure and hating being tied down to anything! But not only is she fun but she sure stands out, are we right? The Rebel Skirt for sure stands out in a room just like our gorgeous Sagittarius girl, don’t worry she’s the kind to pull off anything!


What are we gonna do with our Capricorn babes, they are always running around! Let’s help them this holiday, we are thinking our new Cherry Bomb Laptop Sleeve to keep them stylish no matter what they are up to! Don't forget, with the perfect accessories comes the perfect outfit and we definitely think our Capricorn ladies can definitely kill it in our Dionne dress!  


Our hippie babes birthday months are right around the corner! And we have something for them that will totally speak to them! For our original Aquarius ladies we see them rocking our Gabriella Dress as they dance around this winter, totally putting their own twist to this holiday season. What's another item we think they will have no problem rocking? Our Flower Power Phone Case, what would be more perfect for our rad chicks to have with them at all time? The Flower Power Phone Case is both powerful and gives the statement of independence which is exactly how we would describe our loved Aquarians!


Two words to describe any Pisces we know would be they are both unbelievably kind and artistic. How do you want to show them love this holiday? We are thinking that our ICU Clutch so they can have something for you to carry with them all day long! Our ICU Clutch is perfect for just everyday or keeping smaller things separate inside when stored in their everyday use purse! But enough with bags, how are we gonna show more love we have for our Pisces? Our Pau Dress is everything and more! The Pau dress not only say you are rebel but the contrast between the red satin dress and detachable fishnet top underneath will really make them stand out in a room! Let’s show our kind hearted Pisces babes that we want to see them shine in a room!