Zodiac Birthdays: Our Favorite Aquarius Icons

It’s officially Aquarius season, and we wanted to pay a tribute to some Aquarian icons we adore. 

The Independent. Aquarians are deep thinkers and humanitarians.  They strive for equality among all humans, they’re highly intellectual and sometimes shy.  Their progressiveness makes them seem quite unique and eccentric.

From humanitarians and musicians with attitude, to movie stars with iconic roles, we’re obsessed with these Aquarius dolls. Read more below!
Paris Hilton, b. January 25, 1981
The inventor of reality tv and modern day fame, savvy businesswoman Paris Hilton was the ultimate #goals of the early 2000s. Bring back the Louis Vuitton bag and Juicy Couture sweatsuit combination aesthetic ASAP.
Sharon Tate, b. January 24, 1943
A classic beauty and fashion icon, actress and model Sharon Tate is one of the ultimate symbols of the 1960s. Making a mark by starring in cult classics like Valley of the Dolls and Man from U.N.C.L.E, Tate's legacy carries on today with two different actresses portraying her in films this year alone.

Alicia Keys, b. January 25, 1981
Happy birthday month to the beautiful R&B power house Alicia Keys.  Thank you for being true to your roots, honest, and proud. You're a real life angel.
 Ellen DeGeneres, b.January 26, 1958
Where do we even start!  Talk about the ultimate humanitarian.  Thank you Ellen for always making the world smile and for giving back unconditionally.  Thank you for being fearless and kind.  We love you!!

Oprah Winfrey, b. January 29,1954
Next is another power house we adore.  She's a media executive, actress, talk show host, television producer and philanthropist.  Known for The Oprah Winfrey Show, she broke all stereotypes of the typical "TV host."  She addressed issues that were important and she continuously gave back.  She's so iconic she even had an exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.  I mean, come on.


Justin Timberlake, b. January 31, 1981
Happy birthday month to an Aquarius heartthrob!  We got him to thank for our childhood anthems and posters.  From his *NSYNC days to now, we adore this guy.  
Shakira, b. February 2, 1977
Becoming one of the highest paid Colombian artists ever, Shakira made a huge mark in the music scene not just in America but the rest of the world too.  She even started charities including The BareFoot Foundation to help children in her native Colombia. Not to mention, this babe can dance. But we knew that.


James Dean, b. February 8, 1931
Known for his bad boy image, raw masculinity, and rebel attitude, James Dean became one of the largest cultural icons ever.  To this day he's the epitome of cool and a real fashion icon.  

Jennifer Aniston, b. February 11, 1969
Known as Rachel from Friends, Jennifer Aniston is a total 90s fashion icon, with "The Rachel" being the official sought-out haircut of the times. Aniston is also a role model and  advocate, including being the face of St. Jude's Chrildren's Research Hospital, and receiving GLADD's Vanguard Award in 2007.

John Travolta, b. February 18, 1954
Now here's a man with dancing fever.  From Danny Zuko to Tony Manero, to Vince Vega, he's grooved through these roles, leaving an iconic mark. 

Emma Bunton, b. January 21, 1976 
We owe pig tails and platforms to one of our favorite spice girls, happy birthday baby spice!
Harry Styles, b.  February 1, 1994
Harry has come a long way since his One Direction days – now a face of Gucci, acclaimed for his androgynous fashion choices that raise a middle finger to gender roles. Styles is also a philanthropist in true Aquarius nature, raising money and awareness for breast cancer awareness, water conservation, gender equality, gun control and lgbt rights.