Zodiac Birthdays: Our Favorite Libra Icons

Gracious and harmonious, Libras are peaceful cardinal signs. They love the balance and symmetry in life. Libras are caring, understanding, and have strong emotions for having justice and equality. These signs are elegant charming, and gentle. Ruled by Venus, these Libras love, love. They take initiative and trust their own intuition. Here are some of our lovely Libras!
John Lennon: October 9, 1940
One of the most influential musicians of all time, John Lennon. A member of the most popular bands, The Beatles, his music absolutely changed the industry. Lennon was a peaceful man that promoted peace and freedom of speech. His humor and humbleness was adored by many because of his friendly way of meeting others.
Gwen Stefani: October 3, 1969
Hollaback Girl, Gwen Stefani is a Libra that is not shy from the limelight. With her Grammy Award in 2002 for Best Rap Collaboration, to her multiple award winning songs. She was a swimmer in highschool and was named after a stewardess from the novel Airplane.
Hilary Duff: September 28, 1987
An Original Disney gal, Hilary Duff is known for her main appearance in Lizzie McGuire, Cheaper by the Dozen, and A Cinderella Story. Duff began as an Actress at eight years old, and even had a music career as a singer and had a few albums. She had a short appearance in Gossip Girl in 2009 as well.
Gwyneth Paltrow: September 27, 1972
You may have seen this Libra play Pepper Plots in Marvel's Iron Man. Gwyneth Paltrow won the Best Actress Academy Award for her role in Shakespeare in Love. Paltrow traveled to Spain in her teens to learn Spanish!
Kate Winslet: October 5, 1975
The gorgeous Kate Winslet is known for her role as Rose in the Titanic film. She was nominated for multiple awards, and won the Academy Award for Best Actress for the film The Reader. This Libra is also known for her role starring with Jim Carrey in the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar: October 11, 1992
Born in the Bronx, it's Cardi B! Her hit single Bodak Yellow rose her to fame along with being a cast member in Love & Hip Hop: New York. Cardi was nominated in 2017 at the BET Awards for Best New Artist and Best Female Hip Hop Artist.
Avril Lavigne: September 27, 1984
Hey, Hey, You You! A pop punk queen, Avril Lavigne started her music career at just the age of two. Her father built her a studio in their basement, and that's what sparked her passion for music. Popular songs such as "Girlfriend", "Complicated" and "Sk8r Boi" hit the charts. Her album Let Go, was number one in the U.K. and she was nominated multiple Grammy Awards.
Will Smith: September 25, 1968
Newsweek calls him the most powerful actor in Hollywood. Will Smith's acting career hit it off in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as well as his movies such as Men In Black, Bad Boys, and recently, Aladdin. Smith is also a music artist, and rapped for his hip hop duo called the Fresh Prince. 
Ashley  Frangipane: September 29, 1994
Ashley Frangipane, known as Halsey, started her singing career in 2012. She used some of her earnings to support her younger brother through college. Her popular song "Ghost" was written in a basement with her high school friends. Halsey enjoys drawing on her free time.
Alicia Silverstone: October 4, 1976
Alicia Silverstone was born in San Fransisco, California. This Libra has appeared in a few of Aerosmith's music videos, but had a major break in her acting career as Cher Horowitz in Clueless. Silverstone is also an animal rights activist, vegan, and published her own cookbook called The Kind Diet.
Marina Diamandis: October 10, 1985
This Libra is also known as Marina and the Diamonds. Albums Electra Heart and Froot hit the UK Charts, and Froot even hit the top ten albums in the US Billboard 200. Marina started writing her own songs when she was 18, but was incredibly shy to sing in front of others. Her first EP was released in 2007, called "Mermaid vs. Sailor". Marina won the Best UK and Ireland Act" In 2010, at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Fun fact, Marina Diamandis is a synesthete, meaning that she can see colors in musical notes, and days of the week.