Zodiac Birthdays: Our Favorite Sagittarius Icons

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius people are incredibly free spirited, goal driven visualizers. They love to be around people, as they are extroverts with optimistic and enthusiastic mindsets. Because they are ruled by Jupiter, they believe in wealth, business, growth, morality, and more. Sagittarius are loving and generous, and when it comes to their loved ones, they will do anything for them. Sagittarius people are incredibly outgoing, and they work for their independence and freedom.
Here are some of our Sweet Sagittarius icons!
Billie Eilish: December 18, 2001
Born in Highland Park, CA, Billie Eilish is a sagittarius. A young singer and song writer at a young age, she became popular with her hit single Ocean Eyes. She is the youngest artist to have been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards. With the help of her brother Finneas, she has been writing music with him since she was eleven years old. Albums such as Don't Smile At Me, and When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Have songs that continue to hit the top charts.
Miley Cyrus: November 23, 1992
From Childhood Disney Star to rising pop/country/ and hip hop singer, Miley Cyrus is a very well known sagittarius. She is a songwriter, actor, and philanthropist. We've known her as Hannah Montana from our childhood, however she has outgrown her shell and created her own path to success for her. Her music has a variety of styles, from country songs such as Malibu, to music such as Can't Be Tamed, and 23.

Taylor Swift: December 13, 1989
Fearless songwriter and singer, Taylor Swift is known for her country and pop music that has influenced a lot of people in the music industry. Starting her career at such a young age, she never slowed down and kept moving forward to create music. She was born in Tennessee, where her parents moved to Hendersonville when she was younger so that she could be closer to Nashville. Songs such as Bad Blood, Love story, Blank Space, and Shake it Off are constantly on repeat on the radio.
Britney Spears: December 2, 1981
Hit Me Baby, One More Time. One of our favorite pop princesses, Britney Spears is a sagittarius! Spears is one of the best selling female artists in the early 2000s, with hit songs like Everytime, Toxic, and Me Against the Music. She was a dancer for Disney's Mickey Mouse Club when she was 11, but when she auditioned when she was 8, she was told that she was too young for the show. She also filmed her popular song, Hit Me Baby, One More Time, in the same high school where Grease was shot in.

Sia: December 18, 1975
Sia Kate Isobelle Furler is an Australian songwriter who was discovered by a DJ while she was singing in a karaoke bar. Her music career started when she sang in a jazz band called Crisp, but they later disbanded in 1997. Her songs such as Cheap Thrills, Chandelier, Elastic Heart, and Titanium were in the top charts for weeks.

Walt Disney: December 5, 1901
Walter Elias Disney took an interest in drawing and animating at a young age. When he was 18, he moved to California and opened up The Disney Brothers Studios with his brother Roy. With big success on popular Disney Character Mickey Mouse, he moved onto animation and voice acting. They even opened up the Disneyland Park in 1955.They've introduced to many of our favorite characters such as Pinocchio, Snow White, and even popular characters now such as Elsa, Rapunzel, and Wreck it Ralph. Walt Disney has been an extremely impactful influence in the lives of many and sparked happiness in everyones childhood.
Brad Pitt: December 18, 1963
William Bradley Pitt, born in Shawnee, Oklahoma actually had a hard time starting up his acting career, but made a major breakthrough in 1991 for Thelma & Louise and in 1994 in Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. Brad Pitt is a dedicated actor who takes his career very seriously, to the point where he will do anything to portray his characters.

Jimi Hendrix: November 27, 1942
Jimi Hendrix was one of the most influential and iconic artists known in the music industry. A self-taught musician, and plays guitar upside down because he is left handed. He viewed music visionally through colors because he couldn't read music. The first instrument he learned to play however wasn't the guitar, but it was actually a one-string ukulele that his father bought him. Jimi Hendrix mainly chose to play guitar because of Muddy Waters. His music is mostly inspired by his imagination and vivid dreaming.

Bruce Lee: November 27, 1940
Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee, the man who practiced 5000 punches daily, and was even a Cha-cha dancing champion, we know him as one of the most famous martial artists. Lee was an inspiration to many, many video game characters such as Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat, and Fei Long from Street Fighter II. Lee was also a book worm, and had a goal of having a library of his own with over two thousand books.

Zoë Kravitz: December 1, 1988
You may know her as Angel Salvadore in the X-Men series, Zoë Kravitz is an American Actress, model. and a singer. Zoë Kravitz founded the band Elevator Fight in 2009, and even named her following band after his siblings. She landed her first acting role in highschool with the role of a babysitter in the 2007 film, No Reservations. She also was in Jay Z's video, and has a singing feature in Will.I.Am's song, We Are the Ones.

Jim Morrison: December 8, 1943
James Douglas Morrison, also known as Jim Morrison, is a sagittarius. This singer, songwriter, and poet is remembered as the lead singer for the Doors. Morrison is an incredibly influential musician in the industry, who was also incredibly hyper-intelligence with an IQ of 149. He graduated UCLA with a bachelors in Theater. And made several short films while attending school there. This Lizard King loved reptiles, and gained his nickname after his poem, The Celebration of the Lizard.
Katie Holmes: December 18, 1978
Katie Noelle Holmes is an american actress, director and a producer. Holmes is the youngest out of four siblings. She gained her fame during her role as Joey Potter in Dawson's Creek. Born in Toledo, Ohio, she even graduated in the Notre Dame academy. She is also known for her role as Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins. Holmes was given the opportunity to play the lead role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but turned it down to focus on her education.

Frank Sinatra: December 12,1915
Francis Albert Sinatra is not shy from the limelight as well, as he is an American Singer, actor, and producer. He started his own record label called Reprise Records in 1960. His popular record From Here to Eternity won him an academy award. Sinatra learned music by ear and was unable to read music.

Bill Nye: November 27, 1955
William Sanford Nye, Also known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, influenced a younger generation and made the educational system fun with his science experiments. Bill was a big fan of bow ties and sundials. His work helped the development of sundials for the Mars Exploration Rover. Bill Nye also became the face of Oakland, where the California's Chabot Space & Science Center is held. He has his own climate lab there. Bill Nye was not only a scientist however, but he is an inventor with multiple U.S. patents.