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Valfré Loteria Game
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$ 30.00

Play our favorite Mexican bingo game, Lotería, featuring our favorite colorful Valfré characters and artwork! La space babe, la diabla, el dry shampoo, la bruja, la borracha, and el record player are just a few of our favorite cards. Filled with nostalgic and modern day humor, grab your gals for a fun night of Valfré Lotería! 

  • Includes 8 lotería playing boards, 56 cards with original Valfré artwork, and 80 markers
  • A Valfré Limited Edition Collectors Item
  • Part of The Lotería Collection 


  1. One player is the dealer
  2. The dealer mixes up the stack of Lotería cards
  3. Once the stack is mixed, the dealer draws a card from the stack, and calls out the name of the character/artwork on the card
  4. If a player has the image on the card on their board, then they mark it by placing a marker on that image
  5. The first player with four markers in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row completely filled shouts "Lotería!" and wins!

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