Ilse Valfrê is featured in the Summer/Fall 2017 issue of Lucy's magazine, where she discusses personal style, inspirations and a tinge of politics.


NBC interviews Ilse Valfre on how she built Valfré into a multi-million dollar business using the power of blogging and social media.


Ilse Valfré speaks to about how to build a strong online following and her guidelines on what to post on social media.

NYLON.COM's Hayden Manders rants in defense of "statement piece" phone cases. We weigh in on the trend, which is a Valfré staple.


Rogue Magazine includes an interview with Valfré founder Ilse Valfré in their Summer 2017 issue. Ilse touches on style icons, Los Angeles living, raising kids, and Japanese culture lending some major inspiration.


Select pieces from the Sunday Girl collection in Cake Magazine, featuring Foster James shot by Kristin Gallegos. 


Atlas Magazine features an editorial by Damian Borja of Hayley Ashton in the Sunday Girl collection.


Cosmopolitan lists Valfré as one of eleven stores to start shopping at ASAP.

RACKED features the cheeky 70's-inspired Sunday Girl collection.


Hello Giggles highlights the groovy and bold Sunday Girl collection in their latest feature.


  Paste Magazine claims that Valfré has continued their "Cool Girl" streak with the 70s infused collection Sunday Girl.


Hello Giggles features Valfre's feminist designs in celebration of International Women's Day.


Cosmopolitan features the Resisting Bitch Face t-shirt as 1 of 12 things to purchase to support Planned Parenthood.


Elite Daily lists Valfré's Activist T-Shirt Collection as one of the ways to look cute while fighting the patriarchy.


Ilse Valfré speaks to The Zoe Report about what women empowerment means to her.


Latin-focused website Mitú highlights Ilse Valfre as an artist and recounts the growth of Valfré as a brand.

The 405

Web-based music and culture magazine, The Four oh Five, lists Valfré as Ones to Watch, referring to the brand as fun, whimsical and quirky.


Hello Giggles features the latest releases from Valfré as well as the "It Aint Me, Babe" editorial, noting that the newest line proves to be a whole new chapter for Valfré.

FORBES sits down with Ilse Valfré to discuss business, social media, and being a Latina entrepreneur.


Nakid Magazine features an exclusive editorial in addition to sitting down with Ilse Valfré to chat about the brand's progression and influences.


NYLON.COM features the Utopia Collection and talks about the reinvention of Valfré.


StyleCaster sits down with Ilse Valfre to discuss the brand from a feminist perspective.


Urban Outfitters visits Ilse Valfré at home to get a behind-the-scenes look at our up-coming Holiday pop-up at Space 15 Twenty.


Hello Giggles catches up with Ilse Valfré about inspiration, work flow, and future endeavors.


Uproxx features original illustrations by llse Valfré of iconic looks found at the 2016 Afropunk Fancy Dress Ball.


Ilse Valfré provides Elite Daily with 7 steps to get out of creative blocks and artistic ruts.


Chicago-based Circus Magazine features Valfré founder and illustrator Ilse Valfré as their cover girl.


Hello Giggles features Valfré's 'Utopia' collection as the answer to all holiday party dress needs.


Bebe Bella Thorne wears the Valfré GRRRL PWR crop top while on a date with boyfriend Tyler Posey.


Ilse Valfré is the Girl Nylon Hearts in their October 2016 issue. Ilse talks about the journey of the company and teases what is to come.


Grazia (Germany) features the Boys Tears phone case in their end of September 2016 issue.

ALLURE.COM lists The Chill Pill as one of the 15 coolest cases to protect your new iPhone 7.


Valfre's Adult Baby Tee is recommended my The Cut as the perfect statement t-shirt to rock during NYFW.

Cosmo Girl, September 2016 (Netherlands)

Valfre patches and the Grrrl Pwr journal featured in the September 2016 issue of Cosmo Girl in the Netherlands.


Hello Giggles reports that the Mermaid Bomber jacket is one of THE must-have jackets for Fall 2016.


Buzzfeed includes the Mermaid Sticker Pack in their list of 19 essentials the academic mermaid.

"Nods to Seattle Grunge are apparent, such as a moody plaid made into an apron dress, or the quintessential velvet and lace slip hanging under a thriftstore-style mohair coat. The look is so authentic, and yet modernized just enough to feel fresh. One gets the sense that Valfre is not...

NYLON.COM showcases the Golden Dreams collection as the prefect late-summer wardrobe update.


Paste Magazine features the Golden Dreams editoral, described as "a hazy ode to ‘90s nostalgia."


US Weekly mentions bebe Bella Thorne and her Blanco phone case in their weekly celebrity sightings.


Phases' front woman and mega-babe Z Berg takes through her closet while decked out in the Matilda dress.


ESLAMODA features Valfré phone cases for unique gals.


BUZZFEED lists Boys Tears as a product that makes them say "YAAASSS."


Buzzfeed includes the Mermaid Bomber Jacket, Shellphone + Shellular as 3 of 24 must-haves for all mermaids this summer!

NYLON.COM • Mermaid Giftguide

The Shellphone is a must-have for all fishy friends in this mermaid giftguide. • Gemini Giftguide recommends the Chill Pill Phone Case for all the big-personality Gemini's in your life.

Kismet Collective

The Kismet Collective lists the Shello Tee, Kush Case, and Heart of Glass backpack as Objects of Desire.


NYLON.COM highlights Valfré's sea-worthy Under the Sea collection.

PASTE Magazine

PASTE Magazine highlights Valfré's beach-covered Under the Sea collection and editorial.


LIVEFAST announces the release of our Spring 2016 collection and editorial, Under the Sea, which is described as "Epic, in an ‘Odyssey’ kind of way."

The Gloss

The Gloss features our Bitchin' Jacket as 1 of 8 embroidered bomber essentials (and Olivia Palermo approved!).


NYLON.COM dubs the Banana Overall Dress totally Coachella-worthy.

Daily Mail

Bebe Kesha Rose (#FreeKesha) lands at LAX with her intergalactic space kitty phone case, Blanco.

Can Cam

Can Cam features Valfré phonecases in their January 2016 issue.

Very Magazine

Japan-based magazine, Very, features the Lipstick case in their January 2016 issue.

The Gloss

The Gloss features the Heartbreaker Purse in their 'Anti-Valentine's Clothing and Accessories to Wear if you're single AF' shopping guide.


Refinery29 highlights The Darling Sweatshirt in their Best V-Day Gifts for Any Relationship giftguide.

Huffington Post Canada

Huffington Post Canada features the Boys Tears phone case in their Valentine's Day Gifts For The Single Girl gift-guide.

Live Fast Magazine

Live Fast Magazine features the Femme de Rêve editorial as "Lookbook Lust," January 2016.

Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine highlights Valfre's Femme De Rêve editorial, January 2016.

Marie Claire

Marie Claire featured the Beat It Creep Crop and Boys Tears Phone Case in their article titled "5 Ways to Throw The Ultimate Galentines Day."


Ilse Valfré's comic "Sugar Daddy," created for Galore Magazine Winter 2015 issue.

Marie Claire

Marie Claire featured The Shell Phone in their article titled "20 Ridiculously Cute Phone Cases to Protect Your MVP (Most Valuable Possession)"


VIVA LA featured Ilse Valfre on their 5 Latina Designers Holiday Wish List.


Vogue featured Boys Tears in their article "So You're Dating A Jerk: Here's What To Wear To Get Out Of It"

Cake Magazine

Cake Magazine featured Valfré products in their latest editorial Shake Me Awake, I'm Not Sleeping. Shot by Erika Astrid and starring Eva Osborne.

DNA Magazine

DNA features Ilse Valfré in their October 2015 issue.

Elle Magazine talked to Ilse Valfré about the keys to being successful at The Haute Mess luncheon.

The Haute Mess

The Haute Mess interviews Ilse Valfré and takes a look inside her creative space in their Werkspace Wednesday segment.

La Fabrique Crepue

La Fabrique Crepue featured Valfré as "An Artist to Discover."

Nylon Magazine

Nylon Magazine featured the Grow-A-Pair jacket and "As A Bad Girl Should" editorial.

Hello Giggles

Hello Giggles featured The Shell Phone as their Product of the Day.

GQ Italia

GQ Italia featured Valfré's Boys Tears iPhone case, Femme Fatale Crew, and Hasta La Vista Baby Tee in their July editorial

New York Times

Ilse Valfré was featured in the New York Times “The Photographer Who Introduces Celebrities To Themselves.”

Galore Magazine

Valfre’s artwork and a special comic book spread is featured in Galore Magazine's Summer Bombshell Guide, Summer 2015.

Elegant Magazine

Valfre’s “Shellfish Hearts Can’t Be Broken” editorial is printed inside and on the cover of the June issue of Elegant Magazine.


MTV did a Q&A with Ilse Valfré.

Galore Magazine

Galore Magazine. interviews Ilse Valfré about what makes a Valfré girl, tunes she’s digging on, and what’s next.

LiveFAST Magazine

LiveFAST Magazine featured Valfré’s "How A Bad Girl Should" Summer 2015 editorial. Shot by Cole Kiburz and starring Danielle Alcaraz.

Ladygunn Magazine

Ladygunn Magazine interviewed Ilse Valfré in their January 2015 issue.

Nylon Magazine

Valfre’s 3D Boys Tears and Bruno iPhone cases are featured in Nylon Magazines post titled “Save The Day With These 12 iPhone Cases”

Nylon Magazine

Nylon Magazine got a major dose of girl power in their interview with Ilse Valfré.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters featured an interview and photos of Ilse Valfré in their “About A Girl” section on their blog.

Nylon Mexico

Nylon Mexico featured Ilse Valfré as an It Girl in their November 2012 issue.

Nylon Mexico

Nylon Mexico featured Ilse Valfré as their It Girl in their September 2012 issue.

Teen Vogue

Ilse Valfré is featured as the Best Dressed Reader of The Day in Teen Vogue.

Seventeen Magazine

Valfré illustrations were featured in the September 2012 issue of Seventeen.

Jeffrey Campbell

Ilse Valfré was featured as a Girl Crush on the Jeffrey Campbell blog.