Valfre’s 1st Edition Collectible Vinyl Toy


We’re incredibly proud to announce Valfre’s 1st Edition Collectible Vinyl Toy!

We teamed up with DesignerCon & 3D Retro for our first Lucy character and after 2 years in the making and countless revisions, we finally know how to make Valfré characters in 3D!

This will be the first of many vinyl and digital collectibles and we’re so excited at how our first Lucy character turned out. Isn’t she cute!? 

So if you were planning on going to this weekend’s Designercon event, we have good news. If you weren’t planning on going, well here’s yet another reason to go and check out this amazing show!

We will be pre-releasing 100 Lucy Collectibles at DesignerCon this weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center.

For more information on the show, please visit



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