Ilse Valfré (b. 1987) is a Mexican contemporary artist known for her eccentric female characters that showcase a wide range of emotion. Having honed a signature style that incorporates retro futurism, Valfré’s work resonates with a large community, perfectly balancing a vintage feel with more modern sensibilities.

Ilse grew up in Playas De Tijuana, a small border-town just south of San Diego where the US and Mexican border wall disappears into the Pacific. The unique worldview she developed at the intersection of two countries and two cultures has heavily influenced her style, allowing her to explore outside of the confines of traditional genres, welcoming contrast and harmony within her work. From a young age, drawing was Ilse’s therapy, providing an escape into another world where she could control the narrative, celebrating the female spirit and crafting vivacious subjects. She began to hone the traditional fundamentals that would later translate to transcendent works based in fine art technique.

In 2013, she founded Valfré with a mission to create unique products and experiences that are a direct reflection of the psychedelic world that she has created. Ilse has long viewed the internet as her art gallery and her site as the gift shop. With her varied background across digital and analog art, Ilse’s creativity is not bound by the confines of one medium, allowing her to freely explore.

Ilse currently splits her time between Nayarit, Mexico and Los Angeles, creating and building upon the Valfré universe wherever she is.