Music Mondays: Ava Max

We caught up with LA rising pop artist Ava Max.  Creating anthems with fierce female empowerment, Ava Max is grabbing hold of her sound and  doing it her way.  Read our interview with her where we discuss her latest single "My Way," her inspirations, and what she’s unveiling next to the world. 

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When did you first start playing music and realize this is what you wanted to pursue?
Ever since I was super young, probably around 6 or 7 years old. I knew what I wanted to do.

Tell us about your experience working with Witt Lowry on the new track "Into Your Arms"? 
It’s been incredible, he’s a super talented artist and I’m excited about our song baby being out in the world. 
What comes first, the song or the melody?
For me, Melody is always first .. I come in with a concept before I walk into the studio too. I know exactly what I do and don’t want to write about that day.
Tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single "My Way", and how it came to be. 
That song just had to be the first single off the album because it just describes me and how I feel women should and shouldn’t be talked to. I think women are underrated and that’s not ok!
What's on your Summer playlist?
Hmmm .. Billy Joel- Vienna, Post Malone - better now ... Mariah Carey - Fantasy
What's your advice for aspiring musicians?
Never give up. Consistency is key, and also make sure you chase the work and not the money because then you will get lost in the shuffle of hustle and not love for what you do.
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What's next for you? 
Continue to make music ... Hopefully performing soon and touring :)